Thursday, October 09, 2014

October 2014 ***EVENTS*** 18th and 19th

This month there is a special event here in my church in Macaé, Rio de Janeiro,Brazil and I'd like to show you how it'll be. It's going to be a conference called "Cartas vivas do Rei" (Living Letters of the King[NOT OFFICIAL TRANSLATION]) This conference is for those who'd like to know more about our Father who lives in heaven and know more how you can have a good relationship with Him. 

To ingress this event you need to pay (R$ 15.00) in USD it's about $ 8.00 per person #Cheapest. Would you like to go? Click here and see more info. 

I don't promise a video of it, but for sure some pics there.

Thank you so much for all and see you on next post!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What read now? ***TIPS*** + Updating of my day

Well guys! I've finished reading the book "God is Holy and we are NOT" and I learned a lot....but I wanna read another one and I don't know what to read at now..... I need your help for it!!!

Then I'm gonna let the links of my social networks that you should send the message to me, okay?



INSTAGRAM @SalesVenicio

UPDATE OF MY DAY 09-24-2014

Today is being sooo good, when I say sooo good because it's been.

Today I didn't go out I only studied and post some things to you guys. To finish my day I'm watching T.V with my mom and waiting my brother who go out with friends.

See you on next post!

Review - Movavi Video Editor 9

What do I have to say about that?

I got an invitation for using this product and say my opinion about this, then I decided to share with who follows me around the social networks.

It's Movavi Video Editor 9 I used this app on my last video and if you didn't watch it yet, you can check it out!

I've gotten a present from my cousin and then I was testing it and sharing what I thought about that. Ops... I forgot! I'm not talking about the video literally. +.+

I recommend you buy the premium version 'cause if you wanna see your videos, pics perfectly it'll help you. 

I'm gonna use the Photo editor from there and after that I'll share my opinion with you, okay?

See you on next post!

Friends and friends, what more?

Ah.. Today I don't have words to say how was my day, maybe it could be Perfect, amazing, I don't know. It's better don't say anything about that. Have you ever had a day where you didn't have any word to explain how it was? Then I'm feeling like that!

First I started my day perfectly in peace with my soul. I prayed, read and studied, Oh... I thought on study, tomorrow I need to study once again... for those who doesn't know I'm at the college and then it's in the morning every single day including the Saturdays(if you would like to know more about it click here). When I finished my schedule I decided to practice some exercises and listen to my Spotify.

After I had lunch and then I decided to check news over the Internet and see what was happening to our world, I don't need to say 'cause everybody knows that for these times only bad things have happened to the other hand the most event in my day went to be came true. Do you wanna know what was that? Okayy!! I'm going to say that to you ;) This event that make my brain blow up, was a birthday party from my two friends, they have that in the same day, then we decided to throw a party for two, then an equip of people helped to throw it.

It was so much because everybody there love each other ( I say a love of family) and everyone who stays there feel like that. I say that because I could see new people there ans these people felt the same.

To finish this post... I wanna thank you all those who helped to throw it, for sure this day won't be forget for those who was there. There are a lot of names to say, so I can forget some, then I prefer don't mention anyone.

See you on next post!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Today I'm here to tell you guys a special thing, it's to me. Well as you know I'm studying English to become a teacher of it and I need to experience teaching programms, then I decided to open my social media to that, but for sure it,ll have its own medias.

This week will have the first things, keep your eyes open on my social networks, you can check the links clicking here.

I need to share my knowledge with you or my brain will blow literally, hehe just kiddying :P

see you on next post, nice Sunday!

Friday, September 05, 2014

# Quickly friendship, what a good thing

Quickly friendship, what a good thing

Well guys today happened to me a thing that I'll tell you guys with exclusively. Hahaha as I commented on my [social networks] I was going to RJ and when I arrive there the driver asked me if I could take a man to the same place I would go. I looked at him misunderstanding what he said...... In fact he knew where I was going hehehehe then I told him, okay.

From that time on I could pay attention in any position of that guy. Ops I forgot to say how he likes, sorry many info wanting to get out in the same time hahaha

Well he a older guy he apparently 50 years old, not taller, he also has white skin and blue eyes his hair is white... That time we was going to the determined place I was knowing him a little more. I'm not a person who makes friend on first time, but I don't know what happen to me that time, it was automatically done.

Because this experience I couldn't record any video there.... I could record only inside the bus ... As you know guys, I live in a Portuguese place then it's a little embarrassing when you say some language close those who doesn't know how to speak that, right? If you're honest and not selfish you will agree with me.

I could notice that you need to give opportunity for every experience that happens around you, either if that was a bad situation you always need to see a good point on that. I don't know how to explain very well, but I've learnt with all this situation was don't be so private give opportunities for the good situations.

Special thanks for our God who saved me from anything else there and until today he has done and my mother who helped me to make this trip.

See you on next post!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Tomorrow I'm gonna travel!!!

Hello guys!

I'm gonna leave tomorrow morning to another city. Where I'm now it's about 3 hours away from there, then you can be able to see how it's no close from here.

 I'm so glad to have this trip, but its a pity that I won't stay so long there, only so some few hours. During this period I intend to record videos for you!!

I have an idea, what about do you say to me what you wanna see where I'm going tomorrow? The city I'll go tomorrow is called NITEROI. I hope the weather can be good definitely.


Monday, August 18, 2014

It was good, BUT NOT ENOUGH

Stopping doing 'podcats' .....

Well guys, I decided to do that because it wasn't working to me, it was consuming much time that I have to do many things, including 'to live', then I stopped that.... 


DON'T SAY THAT I SHOULD...................

I'm intending myself to travel to study abroad next year, so I'll prepare this blog for this too.

For now .......................... posting for any reason and I'll try to make videos every single day. ..... My computer is not enough to edit so I need to use the 'VIVAVIDEO' from Android mobile.

Once again sorry for... and see you on the next posting *-*

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What I eat in Breakfast

Hello guys!!
This is my new video .... in there you can check one of my breakfast in the day of week.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Misunderstood? TAG

(Today is a pictures' day  post) Actually yesterday was that day, sorry for this disturb, I was with no connection and then I couldn't have done this without it. In my phone I was, but I don't know how to use blogger to post pictures through it, you know? AFFZ.... Here we go! and to start with many of my pics why not talk  about my long day without posting?! Well first sorry about this happening.... I really was sooo busy with my job that the time I had I just wanted to sleep, but from now on I will post correctly....

Those pics were taken at home 'because of the weather :( but next week if the weather be okay (I meant sunny) I'm gonna take some pics where you guys will love as I do. hehehe

Sunday, July 27, 2014

What I have for today

Hello! It's Monday and to start the week with all we have I decided to tell you guys what I have programed for this week, are you ready? Let's go!!

Monday - podcast VSound season 1 PILOT

Tuesday - Video about my life

Wednesday - Post on blog

Thursday - post on blog

Friday - tip video

Saturday and Sunday - Pictures' day post.

These are what I have to this week.... It's seem many thing, but I hope not... I see you later with the podcast PILOT bye bye!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sorry for my no updating....

Many things had happened that I forgot to updating things that I've already  made.

Since 14th july I write things for the blog, but I got busy because of the college and with this I couldn't reply you and at least post on blog because of sleazy.


That's right and keep going to do what was planed to be done since it started. I`m ready... Tomorrow new post. see you there then!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New habit in my life

I started studying at home yesterday and it's not being easy already It's being a long time that I haven't done that thing. In the other hand I'm loving it and it's a great thing that everybody around the whole world can take it for yourself. More info tomorrow... bye bye!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Going to the College!!

Yeah guys, I'm going to college and today I will say to you my experience to join in that place.

To ingress in a college you need to do some tests, indeed you need to study a lot before do that. The test point is from 3 to 10  and to pass you need to be inside these pointing. I got 5, I didn't like it, but I got proud of me for doing that and have the opportunity to study what I want to.

I'm going to study English, as everyone knows I love this language so much.... ahhhh!!

Soon more info about, bye bye

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Big day next Sartuday!! 21th

LIVE streaming at night

AUS hour +7hrs from GMT

Everything is okay when you sleep and wake up again!

It's true what the people say around the world.... When you sleep with empty you let that thing go and happiness come again".

So today is a great day!! I'm working in an area where I can say it's a good place, thanks for your support it really was cool to me. Thanks again and next week videos about my projects. Bye bye

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

First day after that happening

I'm awake in the bed and thinking if I go or not to my job again. My mother doesn't understand me already, but I don't know what she thinks into her head... Always when I say something to her it seems that she didn't believe in me... Okay back in subject!!

I think "If I don't go I can get down the company already we are a group and must work together" ......

I don't know what to do..

Well I thought right now so speed while I'm writing..... I will go! I need to show to my company that I'm good enough to work there and I need to hide my feelings there. I have this mission to be followed because I love this job soooooo much.

When you be yourself and the people around you hide on you :(


Use this hash tag if you were already on this state.....

Guys for the twice it's happening to me at my job I don't say it's a proposital thing and for sure it's a thing to say to worldwide.

Be a professional in your area of work is very important for your career and personal life, but there are some people who doesn't know how to be this or no have any study to be as it.

Well I'm trying to say can seem confusing but what I will say here I didn't told to my own mother and managers of work.

Yesterday 17th June 2014 at 05:42PM I was doing my function at work normally and professionally so I saw a person who has bollying me for twice, then that person saw me and came closer. I tried to scape but it was impossible 'cause it was so closer than I had thought. :'(

So I was attacked with words that I don't understand, I mean words that you never thought that could exist to be spoken with someone else. Inside me I was crying out for help, but outside I couldn't tell anything..... I felt like a prisoner who doesn't have freedom literally.......

After this happening I tried working but it was impossible 'cause it had hurt me so much. .... Why are you this way?

Now it's 04:05AM BRA of 18th June 2014, I'm feeling so hurt from inside out that I want only cry and stay lucked in my bedroom already if I came back to my work I know that everybody will ask me about this situation. None all wants to help me perhaps they only wanna know why.

Lessons of life..... #STOPBOLLYING!!!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New ways being taken

As the life doesn't have time to stop and always is changing we need to match with this, right?

I agree with that and I always want to be on top in all my areas of my life for sure. This feeling inside me throw me away where I can be able to see at all up side down. I'm not to say tips or something like that.

Today I only wanna say I'm very proud of my life and my attitudes that I'm taking for these days. I really don't know what to do now, but I have some projects where I need to finish first already it's in the top list on first numbers. hahaha !! Okay!

My friend was telling me about my post on this blog and she warned me about (when I post). She told " you must post on there often" So I told her " Yes I know, but what I miss is time to write and think in something for my followers" ....

We stayed a little quiet for a moment, then I've had an idea...... Let's post my thoughts on there!!! She said "This is my point of view too"

Sorry for just now I was able to understand what a blog really means.

Bye bye until next posts!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I have been sick, but now everything is fine

I don't know what made me feel that but I needed to go to the hospital so fast. I needed to get out of my job and run so fast for there. I won't say more info about cause it's a particular thing, but I let you know when it finish.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Moto G, battery failed

Hey guys!
As you know I've bought a new mobile and this phone was chosen for sure. The new Moto G by Motorola that it's now from Google.

I always search for the products I want to buy over the Internet only to know about it's good enough, it wasn't different when I mean it. The critic was saying good things from mobile where I cannot deny, but there is one thing that they didn't say specific about some problems, maybe the Motorola neither. Then I decided look around the Internet to find more things out, for sure I found what the clients were saying about their shop.

What I could see was they saying about a bug, where if you let the battery of your Moto G over completely the mobile doesn't charge rightly how it should charge. I didn't give any position about that because for me this problem only was happening with some specific models, but it wasn't. So I've bought it!

My first impression about it was incredible same I thinking it so big I liked it. Then I charged completely the battery before I use it and after that I started using it normally as any mobile when we buy one. 

Then I made a test to see what could happen to my mobile if the battery over, SURE ENOUGH! with its own charger my mobile didn't want to be charged, I was in panic when it happen and I didn't know what to do already seeing what the people were saying over the Internet was true... so I searched over the Internet something to fix this trouble and YEEEESSSSS I found one video where was explaining all I need to know. 

So I borrowed a charger from my brother 'cause his last phone was from LG, and this one worked on my mobile normally as it belongs on that. After this happening I made a twice test where it didn't happen once gain and I could use the right charger normally. So I say it can be a bug where the own MOTOROLA by GOOGLE don't know about... So if you were victim about this please comment on it and tell me what you have done to make your phone work again.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014



Good things are going to come for this blog. I CAN'T SAY ANYTHING FOR WHILE, but some tips are available...

  • EVDV
  • EVDP

Got that? nooooo?


These are some of my projects that I'm bring to you this year and only this I can say. The date of this thing becomes available is 04/21/2014

Pay attention on the date and you will understand what I'm trying to talking about.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pretty Little Liars book 1 *review*

I'm very happy to have made the right choice when selecting reading this collection of books of a wonderful series that I love both known Pretty Little Liars .

I don't know where to start , I'll try to write without spoillers , something a little difficult , since the first season was inspired by this first book .

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review from a book


All of us know that our language is always changing, right? So we need to be always updated or we will be behind those who wants to.

Then today I have a tip to you!

My friend  is an English teacher and he's writing an English grammar book and it'll be available soon and right here you can part of this...

The difference between his book than the others, is the time he has spent on it. I had the opportunity  to read that and the explanations are totally detailed what makes since a beginner until an advanced learner to understand that very well. Below you can check a preview of this book made by him.

There are 12 basic tenses in the English language. These are the most common grammatical forms for expressing time in English. It can help to view the different time expressions on one timeline, so I have created a diagram to compare all the English tenses....

Monday, March 17, 2014

Selfies photos (opinion)

Who didn't ever take a selfie picture? Or many of these? Same you don't know the mean of the word you've already taken pictures like these:

To start for those who doesn't know what this expression mean I'll help you with that.

SELFIE = It's usually when you take a picture by yourself or someone else take a picture of you completely alone.

That's easy, no?

Well it became a meme over the Internet after a video in January was updated on you tube called 'SELFIE official' and the original from the video becomes the principal speak "But first let me take a selfie". If you google it you can find many of that around it.

WHAT I CAN SAY ABOUT... it's a kind of entertainment to make you laugh a lot and if the people think it can make you happier go ahead the most important is see what makes you happy. So that's all.

First book of PLL(Pretty Little Liars) #Read

I'm on the page 50, then I'm gonna start to write what I'm thinking about this one.

Updated - 03/18/2014

 First look 3 years after Alison's missing and the girls are not friends anymore. So we see each chapter for one of them and each chapter tell stories of them and some secrets being find out.

 My impression about A's action

 I'm very excited to see more of that, until now I only could see Spencer Aria Emily and Hannah thinking that it could be one of them that can be sending these things, 'cause these things only they knew. Hshs... I'm on the page 90, tomorrow I keep going. Bye bye!!

Updated 03/23/2014

A's action #2

A wants to finish at all with the girls and do their lifes a bad thing where the only way it the death where Alison was. This is the inicial action, there are other books to watch more, as the own A said in the final of the book 1. heheheheh

Read more about this book on my review SOON

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pretty Little Liars 'books'

I'm with the 12 ebooks of this amazing series I know from TV. ABC Family is on season 4 and next week will be the season finale at 8/7c on ABC Family and will be a special show on ABC called GMA(Good Morning America) 7/6c where on this Alison and the liars will be there and talk about the wonderful season finale.

Coming back to the books while the series will have a pause and only came back on June 10, I decided to read the books to know more the story through the books already everybody says that both are different in some parts.

So I will post over here what I'm thinking about the reading and what I'm noticing of difference between both of these.

Wait for more! I've made a special menu where you can check it out always when you access the blog.

Shortening my social networks

Hey guys... I'm sorry for saying it, but unfortunately I need to cancel some accounts of mine over the internet. The motive of that was because I don't have enough time to spend with all, then some Social Networks are completely stopped. So I chose Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that they're most used by people. Then from now on you know that my only officials social networks are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Check these out!


INSTAGRAM [ @veniciosales ]

TWITTER [ @veniciosales ]

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Analysing the aspect of a heroic life

After analysing several heroic lifes made by  Humans, I chose one that it followed me since when I was a kid until today. In the movies screens around the world, books and its main world the video-game, Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) is a success woman and she's an example of virtual supremacy.

Analisando o aspecto de vida de uma heroína

Após analisar várias vidas heroicas criadas por nós seres humanos, escolhi um que me seguiu desde minha infância até os dias de hoje. Nas telas dos cinemas do mundo inteiro, livros, e seu principal mundo os vídeos-games, Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) faz sucesso e ela sim é um exemplo de supremacia virtual.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Hello everyone! Happy Valentine's Day!! Here is my card... #Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014


After a vacation monent that I don't prefer to say anything about 'cause of you know.. :P Weel done, I'm here to say officially I'M BACK!!

No to post sometimes, but to post EVERY SINGLE DAY!! But I'm doubt about some subjects, then I've decided to let this decision on your hands guys... So make your own !!!

You have by final of this month to over it and I've already prepared for.. 
bye bye!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Today returns TWD or The Walking Dead on AMC and I'm so excited to watch it.... I had an appointment during the night and I couldn't be able to watch it... Of course I'm ready to know the surprises.... and tomorrow I'm gonna see that thing.... What do you think about this return?

REVIEW! Resident Evil Damnation

There was only this movie to complete the complete collection of Resident Evil saga. I didn't like this movie 'cause of  trilogy, but its gave to understand quite a lot, but we also get a sense of video games, since they are the same characters.

The story itself is quite interesting, but always with the same objective "stop virus" this about a town hit and they all have to fight for their lives.

Oh left to be desired .... If you've already watched this movie and have a different opinion or nearly the same, comes here and speaks for comments.

See you next!! ;)

Friday, February 07, 2014