Monday, March 17, 2014

First book of PLL(Pretty Little Liars) #Read

I'm on the page 50, then I'm gonna start to write what I'm thinking about this one.

Updated - 03/18/2014

 First look 3 years after Alison's missing and the girls are not friends anymore. So we see each chapter for one of them and each chapter tell stories of them and some secrets being find out.

 My impression about A's action

 I'm very excited to see more of that, until now I only could see Spencer Aria Emily and Hannah thinking that it could be one of them that can be sending these things, 'cause these things only they knew. Hshs... I'm on the page 90, tomorrow I keep going. Bye bye!!

Updated 03/23/2014

A's action #2

A wants to finish at all with the girls and do their lifes a bad thing where the only way it the death where Alison was. This is the inicial action, there are other books to watch more, as the own A said in the final of the book 1. heheheheh

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