Sunday, October 27, 2013


Don't need to get panic, it was made not because of you!

I've done that 'cause I didn't remember the posts where I'd posted in the past. So it was the better form where I see possible to do.

"I'm changed through the Holy Spirit where lives inside me and has the control of my life in His hand".


Não fique em pânico, isso não foi por causa de vocês!

Eu fiz isso, porque eu não lembrava o que eu tinha escrito no passado em minhas postagens aqui. Essa foi a melhor forma de conseguir me sentir livre.

"Eu estou mudado através do Espírito Santo, onde mora dentro de mim e tem o controle de minha vida nas mãos Dele".

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Motive to turn me off of my social network. [FACEBOOK}

The Facebook or as I say 'LoseYourTime', has been a nemesis to me, where I want to do things, but I spend all the time of my day there.

Before I notice this, I never did my homework to bring ready at the class and everything I'd like to do (like read a book or write and go out with friends) stayed to later and when I got that I have another thing to do and I didn't have time for.

Then it's true!! I'm gonna delete my social network. I decided to do it only with the Facebook, but if I notice the other social networks are stopping me doing other things, they will have the same way. However, you can check news over the Twitter because it's the only one where I don't spend a lot of time. SORRY PEOPLE, BUT I HAVE A LIFE TO CARE ABOUT.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Since centuries earlier , " geniuses " reveal all sorts of things , such as curing diseases ,

advanced technology , studies , etc. . But nobody ever stopped to study in depth our

mind / psyche.

The human mind is initially vacant , with little information, from time to time discovered that the

our day to day made ​​a fundamental role in the composition of the mind . Through observations ,

fights were a wound in the soul , public speaking brought discomfort , bad relationship with

people made ​​us feel that we did not want , everything you did not bring a ground in life, in

was bad . Then we discovered that all affected our interior , and we were leaving the emotions

participate in the main role of our mind . And that viewers no longer understand what was

happening and every event unfounded abroad was a hoot on the show


How to solve this? Not a thing overnight , are issues that have to be changed

definitely in our day to day things that we did before affecting our performance should

be left to time and the things they did well , they would have to be put in place . But for these

things come to light to the point of us even seeing change, we would have to take back

role, being the leader , organizing the stage , put into practice what we absorb , so that

audience inner applaud your spectacle .

Some exercises are taught so that we can learn to get control , but not

totally , as this is impossible, but for you to be your own leader and not let emotions and

windows KILLER will dominate . Mental exercises help you to get the " control " of their

emotions , are these : re-edit MEMORY , TECHNIQUE OF DCD , PRODUCE WINDOWS


We observed that the human mind is an invaluable tool and the the human being

not of much importance to it, and ends up leaving to manage it . That from today we

put into practice these simple mental activities , so that we LEADERS OF OURSELVES .

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How to make a simple sandwich?

The tip of today will be easy to do at your house. Now you can make a delicious sandwich and share this knowledge with your friends. ^^ Enjoy! I took this video on youtube from the channel Dawn Martino

Monday, August 26, 2013

Why video games may be good for you?

An interesting subject showed through the BBC news, where I thought very good and I'd like to share that to you.

Friday, August 23, 2013

What should we do to get the life we want to?

Before I start saying about this subject, I wanna say that next week I'll post everyday something here. 08/26

Every single day we live our life like it was a game, where you can have to choose later what you want to be in your whole life. But we forget some things. :/ Yes!!! we forget what matters is the love and doesn't matter if you have cars, houses or a job that you get a lot of money, what is important to live a great life is just love.

I know love doesn't pay your bills, but with this you can be happy!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Security on the internet, SERIOUSLY? #Freedom

In Last weeks, we saw the media to announce the leak on Consumer Information that would be a kind of espionage not only the territories of the U.S., but also other countries that are slowly being exposed. Supposedly companies from the INTERNET would be sharing information of its users with the government of a particular country, we don't know for sure what happened to the information or that they served, but some argue that it shouldn't be allowed / done.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Many things that I know about the Australia and I'll tell you right now. Please don't worry 'cause you will love what I have to say. ;)

10 things okay?

Thursday, July 04, 2013