Thursday, July 04, 2013

Facebook for Android version beta 3.4

It's official, I'm a tester and I'm here today to say everything comes new.

To start this new version is faster than before, the feed news can be shown quickly all the news. What I thought on this incredible was that until the EDGE connection, the feed news also updated completely fast.

Other thing that I thought amazing was the service called Private message. This service already is available to web platform, but to mobiles it's being a great new. I tasted it and it's been useful. Now you can share that to exclusive person or people you want to see one.

The biggest news that I knew
With this new version the STORE will be completely on SD Card, yes it's real, as you know I tasted it and I could see the App on my SD Card. \0/ This form all phones including those don't have enough memory can be able to have one.

Swipe to left and right to see more options

Yes! For right you will see the chat, for left you will see the hidden options, but I didn't say the best thing, you just have to swipe with your finger to side you wanna see the options (it's available to mobile with touch scream) . The last version you couldn't do this, to active that you should click on that to open up one. But when this new version is available you can check out what I'm talking about.

The tests started now, they're featuring more services, when it becomes official I'll update this post Bye bye!