Thursday, July 18, 2013

Security on the internet, SERIOUSLY? #Freedom

In Last weeks, we saw the media to announce the leak on Consumer Information that would be a kind of espionage not only the territories of the U.S., but also other countries that are slowly being exposed. Supposedly companies from the INTERNET would be sharing information of its users with the government of a particular country, we don't know for sure what happened to the information or that they served, but some argue that it shouldn't be allowed / done.

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Privacy human is being gradually destroyed by each of us, who joins a network of information, called SOCIAL NETWORK where we post everything about our lives, even seen cases of people in times of their needs, post in one of medias communications what he was doing. This is absurd, this society destroying itself.

Don't just reclaim what we put into practice, we have to run our rights and also preserve us, then I say, BE CAREFUL WITH THESE NETWORKS, if it's being revealed now must have some reason.

We don't have any kind of freedom on the Internet, many people seek ways to become free in the one, but in truth it's just a nothing at all. I'm not here to judge, but seriously don't wish my privacy was exposed to the world via the Internet more than it already is. Think about it, your freedom begins with you.

Review through the comments what you think about it.