Thursday, October 09, 2014

October 2014 ***EVENTS*** 18th and 19th

This month there is a special event here in my church in MacaĆ©, Rio de Janeiro,Brazil and I'd like to show you how it'll be. It's going to be a conference called "Cartas vivas do Rei" (Living Letters of the King[NOT OFFICIAL TRANSLATION]) This conference is for those who'd like to know more about our Father who lives in heaven and know more how you can have a good relationship with Him. 

To ingress this event you need to pay (R$ 15.00) in USD it's about $ 8.00 per person #Cheapest. Would you like to go? Click here and see more info. 

I don't promise a video of it, but for sure some pics there.

Thank you so much for all and see you on next post!