Friday, August 23, 2013

What should we do to get the life we want to?

Before I start saying about this subject, I wanna say that next week I'll post everyday something here. 08/26

Every single day we live our life like it was a game, where you can have to choose later what you want to be in your whole life. But we forget some things. :/ Yes!!! we forget what matters is the love and doesn't matter if you have cars, houses or a job that you get a lot of money, what is important to live a great life is just love.

I know love doesn't pay your bills, but with this you can be happy!!!

Maybe the question shows into your mind.... Why has he chosen this kind of subject?

It's a simple answer!

Because I've seen in the world many bad things and it makes me think if there is love in each one. GUYS love is all in our life, why not practise this to other? Think about it! 'cause I know if everyone feels this feeling the world will change.

Use the hash tag #IUTL (I use the love) and share this feeling over the Internet.