Monday, August 26, 2013

Why video games may be good for you?

An interesting subject showed through the BBC news, where I thought very good and I'd like to share that to you.

"Games have long been accused of making players violent, but evidence has been building over the years that they can have positive effects. Scientists say they are not only understanding why, but they also trying to put these observations to the test. [BBC news]"

In my point of view the video games can be good and bad, depend of the game player. Some people can play a fight game and this not make nothing to them, but to other....

What you need to do is just notice the reaction of the people are playing the one.

The video games have been of great help in our society and it can be possible thank the games, cause the people can think and practise the brain because of this.

What is your opinion about this? Let this on the comments!