Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Motive to turn me off of my social network. [FACEBOOK}

The Facebook or as I say 'LoseYourTime', has been a nemesis to me, where I want to do things, but I spend all the time of my day there.

Before I notice this, I never did my homework to bring ready at the class and everything I'd like to do (like read a book or write and go out with friends) stayed to later and when I got that I have another thing to do and I didn't have time for.

Then it's true!! I'm gonna delete my social network. I decided to do it only with the Facebook, but if I notice the other social networks are stopping me doing other things, they will have the same way. However, you can check news over the Twitter because it's the only one where I don't spend a lot of time. SORRY PEOPLE, BUT I HAVE A LIFE TO CARE ABOUT.