Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pretty Little Liars book 1 *review*

I'm very happy to have made the right choice when selecting reading this collection of books of a wonderful series that I love both known Pretty Little Liars .

I don't know where to start , I'll try to write without spoillers , something a little difficult , since the first season was inspired by this first book .

Come on ! Those who doesn't know the series I'll tell a little bit of an introduction and then I'll continue with my short on .

What would you do if someone is pestering you with your own secrets , and the only person you trusted to count them was dead ? Well, Pretty Little Liars is all that and more ! 4 girls are seen bothering by a person who is called A, where all your secrets are being revealed little by little and they need to be able to use the lie and get away with while fighting to find out who this "A" . Since they don't want the same fate that their friend had the daring to speak the truth , or whether to tell the truth and be free , something that wont happen , say in certainty . : P

The book one is focused three years after the Alison's missing , where girls who were best friends thanks to Alison , are separated by no more reason to see get together , even nostalgia talking loudly into them , since all were not dealing well this situation ( disappearance of Alison ) . So the first chapters met each of the 4 girls , Aria , Spencer , Hanna and Emily .

They each have different personalities where :

Aria : A girl who dreams of being loved by a prince charming , but fails to be tormented by a secret she and his father hold .

Spencer : A difficult girl to deal with, where competition where she always wins is the focus . Let no one aside, quite like stealing boyfriends sister .

Hanna : A tormented girl for feeling unloved by anyone , she 's always dreamed of being the center of attention . Because this disorder she has some crises where it will be quite stressed throughout this book .

Emily : Confusion human . She 's a sweet girl , is my favorite because the character development you've accompanies this first book . She has an identity disorder and that she will have to take some actions in order to seek a solution .

Everything happens in the sleepy town of Rosewood , new year ( eighth year in the USA ) elementary school . Aria is back to even where to try to relieve your side bar , we saw better move with the family to a far away country, but that was back thinking it would be a new revamped in your life ( NO WAY ) . Now all the girls were in the same city , but no one wants to touch each other .

Now with girls by, "A" could go into action seriously, it 's all good . So the messages telling parts of their secrets where A sent to each of them the most inconvenient times made ​​them think and various theories , where only reading so you know .

The most interesting thing that I loved in this book was the story of Erza and Aria , they were so beautiful , has a chapter that is his alone , where she is in the party and he called her to go to his house , then she and everything will "happen" . It was beautiful ! Do not miss reading this book and tell me what you think of it ...

Now I'm leaving to the next , keep an eye on my social networks that already comes more !