Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review from a book


All of us know that our language is always changing, right? So we need to be always updated or we will be behind those who wants to.

Then today I have a tip to you!

My friend  is an English teacher and he's writing an English grammar book and it'll be available soon and right here you can part of this...

The difference between his book than the others, is the time he has spent on it. I had the opportunity  to read that and the explanations are totally detailed what makes since a beginner until an advanced learner to understand that very well. Below you can check a preview of this book made by him.

There are 12 basic tenses in the English language. These are the most common grammatical forms for expressing time in English. It can help to view the different time expressions on one timeline, so I have created a diagram to compare all the English tenses....