Monday, March 17, 2014

Selfies photos (opinion)

Who didn't ever take a selfie picture? Or many of these? Same you don't know the mean of the word you've already taken pictures like these:

To start for those who doesn't know what this expression mean I'll help you with that.

SELFIE = It's usually when you take a picture by yourself or someone else take a picture of you completely alone.

That's easy, no?

Well it became a meme over the Internet after a video in January was updated on you tube called 'SELFIE official' and the original from the video becomes the principal speak "But first let me take a selfie". If you google it you can find many of that around it.

WHAT I CAN SAY ABOUT... it's a kind of entertainment to make you laugh a lot and if the people think it can make you happier go ahead the most important is see what makes you happy. So that's all.