Friday, September 05, 2014

# Quickly friendship, what a good thing

Quickly friendship, what a good thing

Well guys today happened to me a thing that I'll tell you guys with exclusively. Hahaha as I commented on my [social networks] I was going to RJ and when I arrive there the driver asked me if I could take a man to the same place I would go. I looked at him misunderstanding what he said...... In fact he knew where I was going hehehehe then I told him, okay.

From that time on I could pay attention in any position of that guy. Ops I forgot to say how he likes, sorry many info wanting to get out in the same time hahaha

Well he a older guy he apparently 50 years old, not taller, he also has white skin and blue eyes his hair is white... That time we was going to the determined place I was knowing him a little more. I'm not a person who makes friend on first time, but I don't know what happen to me that time, it was automatically done.

Because this experience I couldn't record any video there.... I could record only inside the bus ... As you know guys, I live in a Portuguese place then it's a little embarrassing when you say some language close those who doesn't know how to speak that, right? If you're honest and not selfish you will agree with me.

I could notice that you need to give opportunity for every experience that happens around you, either if that was a bad situation you always need to see a good point on that. I don't know how to explain very well, but I've learnt with all this situation was don't be so private give opportunities for the good situations.

Special thanks for our God who saved me from anything else there and until today he has done and my mother who helped me to make this trip.

See you on next post!