Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Analysing the aspect of a heroic life

After analysing several heroic lifes made by  Humans, I chose one that it followed me since when I was a kid until today. In the movies screens around the world, books and its main world the video-game, Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) is a success woman and she's an example of virtual supremacy.

The website  made a psychology about it and I thought very interesting, if you wanna read it to know more about her, check the link available, but I tell you, I didn't find any other site about it in English, then it's in portuguese.

In the world we live in it's not as easy a woman be the head of something, this male chauvinist world prevails and this causes it to be a 'freak' if I can say so. In the 90s a person thought differently and character of a man something had changed his mind and then born Lara Croft, a gentle woman with strong features which prevails throughout the series and is being perceived and feared by her enemies. No supernatural powers or very similar things she's a simple human but with ambitions who makes her be who she's.

We all have something in our conscious to question and this makes us to be human, isn't it?  Few people go to the end to find answers, indeed! Lara being a strong woman for things that happened in her past made she didn't give up on getting the answers about every mental challenge she had. So know this heroine!

Ups and downs she passed, critics fell in love with this, and from there hadn't been out most of the media and captivated hearts around the world and of all ages.