Saturday, May 24, 2014

Moto G, battery failed

Hey guys!
As you know I've bought a new mobile and this phone was chosen for sure. The new Moto G by Motorola that it's now from Google.

I always search for the products I want to buy over the Internet only to know about it's good enough, it wasn't different when I mean it. The critic was saying good things from mobile where I cannot deny, but there is one thing that they didn't say specific about some problems, maybe the Motorola neither. Then I decided look around the Internet to find more things out, for sure I found what the clients were saying about their shop.

What I could see was they saying about a bug, where if you let the battery of your Moto G over completely the mobile doesn't charge rightly how it should charge. I didn't give any position about that because for me this problem only was happening with some specific models, but it wasn't. So I've bought it!

My first impression about it was incredible same I thinking it so big I liked it. Then I charged completely the battery before I use it and after that I started using it normally as any mobile when we buy one. 

Then I made a test to see what could happen to my mobile if the battery over, SURE ENOUGH! with its own charger my mobile didn't want to be charged, I was in panic when it happen and I didn't know what to do already seeing what the people were saying over the Internet was true... so I searched over the Internet something to fix this trouble and YEEEESSSSS I found one video where was explaining all I need to know. 

So I borrowed a charger from my brother 'cause his last phone was from LG, and this one worked on my mobile normally as it belongs on that. After this happening I made a twice test where it didn't happen once gain and I could use the right charger normally. So I say it can be a bug where the own MOTOROLA by GOOGLE don't know about... So if you were victim about this please comment on it and tell me what you have done to make your phone work again.