Wednesday, June 18, 2014

When you be yourself and the people around you hide on you :(


Use this hash tag if you were already on this state.....

Guys for the twice it's happening to me at my job I don't say it's a proposital thing and for sure it's a thing to say to worldwide.

Be a professional in your area of work is very important for your career and personal life, but there are some people who doesn't know how to be this or no have any study to be as it.

Well I'm trying to say can seem confusing but what I will say here I didn't told to my own mother and managers of work.

Yesterday 17th June 2014 at 05:42PM I was doing my function at work normally and professionally so I saw a person who has bollying me for twice, then that person saw me and came closer. I tried to scape but it was impossible 'cause it was so closer than I had thought. :'(

So I was attacked with words that I don't understand, I mean words that you never thought that could exist to be spoken with someone else. Inside me I was crying out for help, but outside I couldn't tell anything..... I felt like a prisoner who doesn't have freedom literally.......

After this happening I tried working but it was impossible 'cause it had hurt me so much. .... Why are you this way?

Now it's 04:05AM BRA of 18th June 2014, I'm feeling so hurt from inside out that I want only cry and stay lucked in my bedroom already if I came back to my work I know that everybody will ask me about this situation. None all wants to help me perhaps they only wanna know why.

Lessons of life..... #STOPBOLLYING!!!!!