Wednesday, April 06, 2016

I'm also on Youtube!! \o/

Helloo! Yes for what you're seeing on the title of this post I made a youtube channel named Venicio Sales. On it, I'm going to talk about my favourite things in life and about things you want to see me talking about. Check the video below and don't forget to subscribe my channel there. I'll let the link below the video.

Subscribe here

I'm going to post one video every week on Tuesday and the posts are going to continue every day here on my blog. Ah! Pls to follow what I'm doing overall, follow me on my social networks it's a better way to be updated about. Bye bye, see you tomorrow with more!

(Sorry about last days I was really busy at work and my mind was not able to think about anything to post here on blog. In the other hand, I really get this new way of my life.) Thank you :-)